Sunday, August 5, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday for August 6th, 2018

I am linking up with Sandra from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday

It's been quite a long time since I've joined it.  I've started a post and left a draft three or four times.  I realize this is a great place to get all your plans down for the week, so I am back <3  Have a very blessed week! 

The weather.....  HOT!!!!!!  It's going to be 95 today with high humidity.  So I'm staying inside! 

Right now I am.... Meal prepping for the upcoming week. 

Thinking.... About all I need to accomplish today. 

Something fun or interesting that happened.... I was telling my family on game night about an MRI I had to order for the ischial tuberosity area - and then I said, it's sort like the butt bones.  My Dad laughed and said, "I like that word.  Buttbone. "  :D  

On my reading pile.... Recently finished "The Obsession" by Nora Roberts (5*) and "The Memory Watcher" by Minka Kent (4*).  I've been into murder mysteries lately.  Follow me on GoodReads. 

I'm currently reading "Her Last Goodbye" by Melinda Leigh. This is the second book in the Morgan Dane 5-book series. 

I'm also currently reading "The Lake House" by Kate Morton.  I purchased this after reading a great review from Modern Mrs. Darcy.  

On my TV..... I've been binge-watching the 5th season of "Arrow" and "The First 48". 
I've decided to watch at least two movies per month (as I really neglect full-length films!) so last night I watched the Netflix original "Extinction".  (If you plan to ever watch this, do not click on the link, Wikipedia gives away the plot twist!)  I really liked it. It made me jump a few times and I was completely drawn in until the very end.  It's a kind-of alien-type story, but with a great twist. 4* 

On the menu for this week....
Sunday -  Chicken con Broc from the Skinnyish Dish 
Monday - Homemade pizza on 2-ingredient dough 
Tuesday - Skillet Pickle Chicken sandwich with baked fries 
Wednesday - PAYDAY - out for dinner 
Thursday - Turkey burger with baked chili cheese fries  
Friday - Family dinner and game night @ my dads house.  Cooking: Roast, potatoes, carrots, salad. 
Saturday - Bacon cheeseburger pasta from the Skinnyish Dish 

Skinnyish Dish

On my to do list....
Make out my big monthly shopping list 
Put in a pick-up order @ Wal-Mart
Pay bills 
Read as much as humanly possible 
Home mani/pedi tonight 
Get a hair cut!!!!! 

In the weekly planner.... I'm up to three planners - well, kinda 5, but I don't have a problem. 
My main planner: Recollections Goal Planner: I keep all my plans here, keep track of short-term goals, keep lists, etc. 
My work planner: Law of Attraction Planner: Just keep work notes and to do lists. I bought this one to keep goals in, but it goes against my beliefs with some of the things it promotes.  So, it got demoted! 
My Michael's "Love Conquers All" TN:  This one is for Bible study, prayer, etc.  Sort of a War Binder. 
The Planner Society TN:  Not currently doing anything but decorating this one lately.  More of a journal
My Weight Watchers Smart Points Journal.  All things food and health-related. 

Looking forward to this week.... Reading.  Quiet time at home. Spending time in God's Word. 

Looking around the house... Laundry everywhere!  Some in the washer, some in the dryer, some in the hamper, and 2 baskets to be folded!  UGH!  


  1. You're right, Sherry, the HMM posts are a great way to plan your week! Your menus look great and I LOVE journals! Blessings for a beautiful week ahead! <3

  2. Thank you! I hope you are having a blessed week as well!

  3. LOVE your inspiration. Sorry I'm so late getting by, internet issues are the worst! Hope you had a GREAT week. I agree that HHM is THE best way to plan a week.


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