Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday for April 17th

Welcome to this week's Happy Homemaker Monday.  I am linking up with Sandra at Diary of a SAHM.  

The weather::: Plenty of rainy days with a pristine, sunshiney day here and there. 

On my reading pile::: Still reading Gone with the Wind.  It will be a few more weeks since I only read a little bit every day.  Finished "Two Days Gone" by Randall Silvis.  I took a temporary diversion from "Firefly Lane" because I got caught up in this murder mystery.  It happens!  lol It's different from what I normally read, but it was fast-paced, exciting, and I didn't figure it out until close to the end. 4/5

I also received an ARC copy from Bethany Books of "The Chapel Car Bride" by Judith Miller, which I will be starting this week.  

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend::: Started a new binge-watch, "Heartland". Watched the Casey Anthony Documentary.  Both sad and infuriating.  I remember my mom watching the actual case (or following it on the news?) when it occurred. 

On my TV:::
When Calls the Heart
Chicago Fire
YouTube videos
The Outsiders (with Emily) 
Maybe 13 Reasons with Jennah 

On the menu for this week:::
MONDAY: Easter leftovers
TUESDAY: Pork ribs, baked potatoes, roasted vegetables 
WEDNESDAY: Dinner at a friend's house for my bday - Mexican 
THURSDAY: Turkey smoked sausage with cabbage and onions 
FRIDAY: Unstuffed peppers 
SATURDAY: Middle Eastern chicken and rice topped with cucumber salad 
SUNDAY: Dinner with family for my birthday - Italian 

LUNCHES: Turkey taco meat, brown rice, Greek Yogurt, fruit 
BREAKFASTS: Everything bagel thin sandwich with an egg and turkey bacon
SNACKS: Almonds, popcorn, fruit

Happening this week:::
Jennah's doctor appointment 
Cardio drumming 
My birthday! 

Looking around the house::: Cluttered.  Busy cooking all weekend so got behind on the housework!  Will get the girls on it tomorrow :) 

What I'm wearing today::: Writing this Saturday night, wearing a black sundress.  It got up to 84 today in Detroit! 

One of my simple pleasures::: Sitting in the dark reading my Kindle.  Love it. 

Bible verse, Devotional::: 


  1. Your weather sounds nice to me. Have you decided if you will watch 13 reasons why yet? I just finished it with my daughter who read the book, It is a very heavy and hard to watch show. my daughter did not watch 3 scenes, and I had to make myself watch. Let me know if you watch and what you think. Hope you have a great week.

    1. My 20-year-old daughter and possibly my 17-year-old daughter will most likely watch with me. The 20yo has already read all about it and has planned not to watch a few parts. (Neither have read the book) I will definitely update you once we watch. We'll probably start it soon.

  2. Hope you have an amazing Birthday! Your menu sounds absolutely amazing! I too love to read in the dark to the glow of my kindle... Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your week! Blessings...

    1. Thank you! I used to use booklights eons ago - but they never worked quite right! I <3 my Kindle!

  3. Everyone seems to be watch 13 Reasons Why, I watched one episode and haven't finished yet, not sure if I will. Let me know if you watch it.

    Have a great week Sherry :)

    1. After reading some more mom reviews on 13 Reasons Why - I am not sure if we'll end up watching it. Jennah is very sensitive to a lot of things and I am not sure it is the best show for her to watch. I've decided to put it on hold for now!


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