Sunday, February 3, 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday: February 4th, 2019

I am linking up with Sandra from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday

What's new this week: I got the job!  I did two interviews for John Hancock to be an at-home customer service representative!  I have wanted to leave my job ever since my boss said I should put my mother in a facility when she had cancer.  When she said I should have her take a bus to radiation therapy.  How I stayed there for another two years I just can't fathom.  February 4th is the two-year anniversary of her passing.  She'd be so happy for me!  It's better money, MUCH better benefits, and I won't be working for that dragon lady anymore!  

The weather in my neck of the woods.....  We had a 72-degree difference in temperature in two days here.  -16 to 56! 

Right now I am.... Exhausted.  I am trying to fit everything into one day - Sunday!  Cleaning, cooking ahead, errands, laundry, nails facial, blogging, etc etc.  

Thinking about.... All the wonderful blessings that God has granted me with lately! 

On the blog last week..... HHM and The Monday Book Report.  Still hopeful that I will start having more time to blog :) 

On my reading pile....  Just finishing up Emma's Gift.  Book review coming tomorrow! 

On my TV..... Re-binge watching McLeod's Daughters.  If you've never watched it - it's on Amazon Prime.  So good! 

Movie of the week......  Bohemian Rhapsody - it was so good!  It has made me look at Queen in a new way. 

On the menu for this week....  Some days are still up in the air 
Monday - Lemon pepper pork loin, potatoes and carrots 
Tuesday - Spaghetti and steamed broccoli 
Wednesday - Dinner @ my boyfriend's house 
Thursday - 
Friday - Cooking dinner over Dad's house 
Saturday -
Sunday -

New recipe I want to try...... Weight Watchers Tuscan Chicken Pasta 

On my to do list.... So much!  Redoing my bedroom so I am planning :)  

In my planners.... I have everything organized and prettied up - but didn't get a chance to snap a pic! 

Looking forward to this week.... Getting my taxes back :D  

Looking around the house.... Got a lot done today - still some odds and ends to take care of ....

Bible Study..... Doing a 21-day study on Youversion called "Rooted" 

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  1. Wow, you are a busy lady! How do you manage? I am a fellow Classic club member and saw your interview there. We have the follow favourite classic authors in common; Margaret Mitchell, Jane Austen, The Bronte sisters. I also like Thackeray, Joseph Conrad, Thomas Hardy and many more. The Classic club is a good interaction for classics.


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