Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday March 7th, 2016


The weather..... Spring is finally coming to Detroit!  I'm so excited. It's only in the 50's today, but that is 22 degrees warmer than yesterday!  Tomorrow we will see mid-60's. 

Right now I am.... I'm actually at work!  lol I'm taking a break from typing up history and physicals for the hospital and creating a surgical cross-coding list. 

Thinking.... Thinking about my friend Julie, who is in the ICU in an oxygen tent right now.  They are trying to keep her off of a ventilator.  She has pneumonia, strep and sepsis.  I'll be going to visit her after work today. 

On my TV.....  Jennah and I have been binge watching a few things lately.  We finished season one of "The Flash" (loved it)  "Daredevil" (also loved it) and "Fuller House" (it is corny, but we also loved it)   We are now watching "Arrow" and "Jessica Jones".  The latter is too racy for my taste :/ 

On the menu for this week....
Monday: Tonight we are having Crockpot Sazon pork chops, green beans and basmati rice.  

Tuesday:  I have Bible Study right after work, so I will have something at work.  The kids will be having hot dogs and baked french fries. 

Wednesday: Dinner at my parents' house.  
Thursday: Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken and rice with Asian vegetables 
Friday: Not sure yet.  Perhaps meatball subs? 
Saturday: Parents' house for dinner 
Sunday:  Emily Bites Chicken Parm Casserole 

On my to do list.... Going to visit my friend Julie in the hospital after work.  Have some dishes and laundry.  Finishing up my homework for Bible study tomorrow night. 

Looking forward to this week.... I'm getting a new(er) car!  I'm so excited!  I've had the same Ford Escape for 12 years!  I'm getting a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Yay! 

Looking around the house.... My floors really need a good scrub :/ 

On my prayer list..... Julie (see above) my friend Cindy who just lost her father, my dad who has a broken elbow, my Henry who is in a lot of pain, my friends Ben and Samantha who need to find work to stay on doing God's work in Alaska and my cousin's son who is in the hospital with pneumonia. 

Bible verse, Devotional....

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