Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekly Reflections and Planning June 27th, 2016


Today I am linking with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday as well as Organizing Junkie for Meal Plan Monday

In the kitchen...On the menu this week::::  Not much cooking this week because I have my bestest-estest friend in the world coming to visit from New Hampshire on Thursday!!!!!!  

Sunday: Burgers and baked french fries with green salad 

Monday:  Mexican pasta (new recipe) 

Tuesday:  Fish tacos with Spanish rice 

Wednesday:  Dinner with parents

Thursday:  Chicken and rice with broccoli

Friday:  Beef stroganoff with frozen veggies 

Saturday:  Cookout @ Mom's 

Lunches:  I am working Monday through Thursday and have Lean Cuisines for 2 days with Greek Yogurt and Minestrone soup for 2 days.  


  1. Mop kitchen floor
  2. Laundry
  3. Cook ahead 
  4. Bible study
  5. Finish ARC book 
  6. Watch "Outlander"
  7. Clean kitchen counters
  8. Clean stove

The weather outside:::  It is cloudy, humid and in the mid-90s.  Storms on the way.  We really need it, the grass is getting all crunchy! 

I am thinking.. About how much there is to get done around the house.

I am thankful... That I have Henry in my life.  He brings me such happiness.

One of my favorite things... Flowers.  Looking at them gives me peace and joy. 

I am wearing... A print tank top and black capri pants. 

I am creating... Still working on my book. It's Christian fiction, for those of you that asked.  I'm still sorting out a lot of the details.  I'll share more when I quit changing my mind about every single thing!  :) 

I am watching... Binge-watching the first two seasons of "Outlander".  

I am reading... an ARC of the book "Delilah" - I'll have a book review up in a couple of days.  Also reading the new Shanna Hatfield book, "Millie" (7th in the Pendleton series, which I adore) and re-reading my favorite book of all time, "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell for the Paper & Glam Bookclub on Goodreads.  I even picked up the 1964 version that my Mom had when I was growing up!  

I am listening to... not too much.  Christian music radio stations mostly. 

I am hoping... to have a great time during my stay-cation next week 

In the schoolroom... hopeful I will have the money come through to order Em's curriculum for 11th grade by this weekend! 

In the garden... My herbs are growing nicely.  I've had to pull up quite a few flowers that died in all this dryness despite daily waterings.  The tiger lilies are up and bring me a happiness to my heart I cannot even describe! 

Favorite picture from the camera: 

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