Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Women of the Word Wednesday, Volume 1: Miriam

I came across a free e-book today from the very talented Jen Wilken, also entitled "Women of the Word" - and knew I needed to share it here on the first WOW Wednesday! This e-book is currently sold on Amazon for $10! 

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Woman of the Week:

Origin of Her Name:  The name Miriam is Hebrew, believed to have possibly originated in Egypt.  It can be interpreted in a couple of ways, some say it means "sea of sorrow", while others believe it means "rebellion" or "wished-for child". 

Where She Can Be Found in the Bible: She first appears in the book of Exodus. 

Family Tree: Daughter of Amram and Jochebed, and the sister of Moses and Aaron.

What Makes Her Special: She was a prophetess and poetess, the sister of Moses and Aaron.  In later life she was a jealous sister and spoke openly against Moses in the wilderness. 

What was Happening in History During Her Lifetime: The Pharoah of Egypt had commanded that all male babies be drowned in the Nile. Moses' mother put him in a bed, floating down the stream knowing that the Princess would most likely find him.  Miriam was a crucial part of keeping Moses as a part of her own family awhile longer by offering up her mother as a nursemaid. 

Books and Movies Depicting Her Life: 

The movies are more about her little brother, Moses, but these movies include her as well: 

Artist's Rendering: 

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