Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday: July 2nd Edition

THE WEATHER::  In a word, HOT.  I never complain about the snow or the cold here in Michigan, so I get to complain about this darn heat and humidity!  I hate it! 

RIGHT NOW I AM:: Sitting in front of our one window air conditioner in a sleeveless housedress watching my son cut the grass.  It's still so odd to see him so thin.  He's lost 135 pounds over the past year.  

PLANNING:: I have set up my planners for the week. You can see what one of them looks like on Instagram. 

ON MY READING PILE::  I just finished "Walks the Fire"  4*s  It's about a woman who is heading west in a wagon train and how her life takes many twists and turns over the years.  

I started "The Sometimes Sisters" by Carolyn Brown last night and have finished about half of it.  I wanted some "summer" reads and this sort of fits the bill.  It takes place near a lake at a resort so that is close enough for me!  I will definitely be reading this author again.  *You can follow me on Good Reads HERE.  

ON MY T.V.::  I guess I've been binge-watching "The First 48" for about a week now. I am also watching "The Dead Files".  Other than that, I watch 2 soaps, "Days of Our Lives" and "The Young and the Restless" and YouTube. 


Breakfasts for the week will be an English muffin with an egg, 1 piece of turkey bacon split in two, and a piece of "fancy" white cheddar with a piece of fruit.  

Lunches for the first couple of days will be a turkey taco burrito bowl.  Rice, black beans, corn, turkey taco meat, salsa, and light cheese with a side of fresh veggies to dip in cilantro avocado Bolthouse dressing.  

The rest of the week will most likely be fish with vegetables and rice.  


  • Lentil tacos with roasted corn 
  • 4th of July:  We are grilling salmon and whitefish, veggie kabobs, and making corn on the cob and rice.  Not traditional by any means, but we've had enough of burgers and dogs! 
  • Chicken sausages with feta and spinach with roasted mini potatoes, cauliflower, and Brussels 

Work Mon & Tues
Go with my sister to a church event
Cookout on the 4th @ my Dad's   
Taking my sister for an EGD on Thursday and to see her Hepatologist on Friday @ UM

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO::   Very simple things.  Coming home.  Reading. My cats.  My kids.  Candles burning. AC on a hot day. Sweet tea. 

GRATEFUL:: I'm grateful that my dad's hip finally seems to be starting to heal.  He has been in so much pain and it's been really hard for him to accept help.  I'm grateful that my children are such wonderful human beings.  I've realized that lately more than ever.  Our family has taken some horrendous blows in the past 1-1/2 years and they have stepped up.  I'm glad that I have instilled in them the importance of family - to be there and help out without even an ounce of selfishness.  They make me proud.  

BIBLE STUDY:: I'm itching for a new Bible study.  I've been doing the Paper & Glam "Living the Christian Year" - but it's not nearly as structured as I like.  So I may print out the July Binder Project.  This month's theme is restoration, for the weary heart.  Sounds perfect!