Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday March 28th, 2016

The weather outside is::::  A typical spring-time in Detroit - yesterday was sunny and near 70, last night was full of thunderstorms, and today is cold, windy and rainy! 

On the breakfast plate this morning:::: To be honest I had a McDonald's dollar sausage burrito :/  

As I look outside my window::: The trees are just starting to bud.  The sky is gray and cloudy.  The wind is whipping the tree branches around and there is no blue sky in sight!

Right now I am:::: Oh, I am supposed to be working!  I'm taking a break from typing up H&Ps for the hospital and boarding surgeries. 

As I look around the house:::: My kitchen desperately needs my attention.  I am out of work early today, so I will be giving using my new FlyHelper app to get through my routines!  

TO DO::::
1. Vacuum out car and wipe down inside (trying to keep this car really clean!) 
2. Stop by my dad's shop to set up a Facebook page for him! 
3. Stop by the store for face makeup! 
4. Clean kitchen (see above, lol) 
5. Make dinner 
6. Do a load of laundry
7. Put turkey tenderloin, potatoes and carrots in Crockpot for work lunches and make a pot of bulgur.  
8.  Do week 2, day 5 of Armor of God study, day 1 of One More Step (Rachel Wojo) study, and day 28 of Genuine Faith  study.  (can we say overlap?) 

Currently reading::::  (follow me on GoodReads
1. In the Company of Others (Father Tim #2) Jan Karon
2. The Armor of God Priscilla Shirer
3. One More Step Rachel Wojo
4. Power Prayers in the War Room Daniel B. Lancaster
5. Static Omnibus James Hunt
6. The Heartbreak Cafe by Melissa Hill

Books I finished in the past couple of weeks:::: 
1. Broken Grace by E.C. Discin 4*
2. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry 3.5* (bad ending)
3. The Good Neighbor 3.5* A. J. Banner
4. The Commanche Girl's Prayer 3* Angela Castillo
5. A Head Full of Ghosts 4* Paul Tremblay (VERY scary)

On Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube::::
1. Binge watching Fringe
2. Binge watching 2nd season of Daredevil (LOVE) 
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Chicago P.D. 
5. Various Weight Watcher YouTubers 

On the menu this week::::
Monday: Spaghetti and meatballs with steamed broccoli
Tuesday: Scalloped potatoes and ham with green beans
Wednesday: Mom's house for dinner 
Thursday: Crockpot Sesame chicken and rice 
Friday: Pork chops, roasted veggies 
Saturday: Mom's house for dinner
Sunday:  Emily Bite's Chicken Parmesan casserole

Favorite blog posts or pins from this week:::

Rachel Wojo - You are Beautiful 

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals::::

Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday March 7th, 2016


The weather..... Spring is finally coming to Detroit!  I'm so excited. It's only in the 50's today, but that is 22 degrees warmer than yesterday!  Tomorrow we will see mid-60's. 

Right now I am.... I'm actually at work!  lol I'm taking a break from typing up history and physicals for the hospital and creating a surgical cross-coding list. 

Thinking.... Thinking about my friend Julie, who is in the ICU in an oxygen tent right now.  They are trying to keep her off of a ventilator.  She has pneumonia, strep and sepsis.  I'll be going to visit her after work today. 

On my TV.....  Jennah and I have been binge watching a few things lately.  We finished season one of "The Flash" (loved it)  "Daredevil" (also loved it) and "Fuller House" (it is corny, but we also loved it)   We are now watching "Arrow" and "Jessica Jones".  The latter is too racy for my taste :/ 

On the menu for this week....
Monday: Tonight we are having Crockpot Sazon pork chops, green beans and basmati rice.  

Tuesday:  I have Bible Study right after work, so I will have something at work.  The kids will be having hot dogs and baked french fries. 

Wednesday: Dinner at my parents' house.  
Thursday: Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken and rice with Asian vegetables 
Friday: Not sure yet.  Perhaps meatball subs? 
Saturday: Parents' house for dinner 
Sunday:  Emily Bites Chicken Parm Casserole 

On my to do list.... Going to visit my friend Julie in the hospital after work.  Have some dishes and laundry.  Finishing up my homework for Bible study tomorrow night. 

Looking forward to this week.... I'm getting a new(er) car!  I'm so excited!  I've had the same Ford Escape for 12 years!  I'm getting a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Yay! 

Looking around the house.... My floors really need a good scrub :/ 

On my prayer list..... Julie (see above) my friend Cindy who just lost her father, my dad who has a broken elbow, my Henry who is in a lot of pain, my friends Ben and Samantha who need to find work to stay on doing God's work in Alaska and my cousin's son who is in the hospital with pneumonia. 

Bible verse, Devotional....

Friday, March 4, 2016

Be Strong and Pray

This week has been filled with opportunities to be there for people I care about.  It started when one of my closest friends lost her father over the weekend.  He has been on hospice and the family knew that it wouldn't be long, but that doesn't mean that they are not mourning with hearts full of hurt and loss.  The viewing and funeral were sad but lovely events, full of heartfelt memories of a great father and husband and teary-eyed hugs and comforting hand squeezes.  I love my friend and it hurts me to see her suffering such a significant loss and being so helpless to relieve any of her pain.  She and her sisters, and especially her mother, are being strong, brave women.  My prayer for them is to know the comfort of their Savior in this time. 

After the funeral, I went to check on a friend who wasn't feeling well.  I could tell immediately that this was more serious than just being under the weather.  She was pale, listless, feverish, speaking with few words and breathing shallow, small breaths.  I told her I couldn't just leave her like that.  She wasn't able to make it to the car, being short of breath and dizzy.  I dialed 911.  She is recovering in the hospital from strep throat and pneumonia. My prayer for her is a full recovery with God's grace.  

My Dad fell and broke his radial head (elbow).  He is a very proud man and planned just to let it go and deal with the pain.  I talked him into seeing an orthopedic surgeon.  I offered to go with him, and being completely independent (aka stubborn) said he didn't need anyone to go with him.  Well, I DID go with him!  Generally Mason II type fractures need surgery.  Praise Jesus, not only does he NOT need surgery, but the bone is already healing well on its own.  No cast. Just some physical therapy exercises he can do himself at home.  A true blessing!  My prayer for him is that he will come to the Lord. 

Now my Henry - ( side note - we are "courting" - I feel too old to call him my boyfriend, and he has made it clear he is courting me for marriage - and I love him!)  Well, Henry was having some difficulties this week and was in excruciating pain.  Pain is a regularity in his life with the health issue that he has (for his privacy I will not share details, but it is not life threatening, although a chronic and painful condition) He does not complain.  He, like my dad, is a strong and independent (yes, STUBBORN) man.  So when he tells me he is hurting, I know it must be bad.  My prayer for him is complete healing, if this is God's will for him.  If it is not God's will, then I pray for him to continue to have the strength to endure this hardship with God's comfort and mercy. 

 Other things that have gone on this week - my son's car broke down.  I'm so thankful that he was not injured and was able to get the car towed. 

Two of my good friends who are in Alaska doing God's work also need some WORK WORK!  If you would be so kind as to pray that he will find work so that they can continue with their calling with this Alaskan church, I would be much appreciative! 

Big news ....  I am getting a new (to me) car!  My current 2002 Ford Escape is running entirely on prayer right now!  The Lord starts it up every morning and gets me where I need to go.  I have been blessed beyond measure with a Jeep Grand Cherokee!  It is in good running order with a new transmission, tires and rear end (not sure what that means, but i'm sure it's a good thing).  This payday I will get it registered, insured and plated.  This brings me so much relief and joy! 

I have so much more to say but this blog has already been quite long.  I don't think anyone will even read it, but that is ok, as I am following God's instructions!  

Have a very blessed weekend!