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Monday, January 30, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday


Hello ladies, I hope you are all doing well this morning and had a terrific weekend!  Mine was restful, yet very full. This month has been so jam packed with learning that I'm a little beside myself with trying to fit it all in. 

I've been part of Edie Wadsworth's Life Mentoring School and Business Mentoring school, which is several times per week. I have returned to Heather Baxter Ministries for online Bible Study and fellowship - this is also several days a week with a lot of homework.  I joined Tiffany Croww's 75 Self-Love Challenge too - which is yoga and other daily habits meant to build self-love. Full time job, full time family and on top of this I'm writing my Women of the Word Bible Study.  I love it ALL and don't want to stop any of it.  

♥♥ The Weather ♥♥
We are going to have some cold, cold days - but it looks like we will be having some sun!  I'm excited about that. 

Updated a few minutes ago
Precipitation: 0%
Wind: 5 MPH
Humidity: 80%
Sun 29, 7:17 PM

♥♥ As I look outside my window ♥♥
  I'm typing most of this up on Sunday night - as I am not sure how busy it will be at work today.  Right now it's dark! 

♥♥ Right now I am ♥♥
Half watching a movie with Jeff while the kids bring in a small grocery haul. We have on "The Girl with All the Gifts".  Pretty good movie. The book was better. 

♥♥On my bedside table♥♥
A whole lot of stickers!  Books, my annotation pouch, tons of pens, my cup of Dr. Pepper Zero.  A really cute journal.  The outside is a quilted cover I purchased on Etsy.  The inside is a journal with gorgeous water-color pages from Amazon. 

♥♥ How am I feeling ♥♥

Pretty good!  Other than feeling rushed all the time - which I do not like.  It's making me not enjoy some of the things I usually do - like watching movies with Jeff and a K-Drama with my Bestie.  But it's just for a season, right? 
♥♥ Listening to ♥♥
The movie in the background, Jake putting the groceries away. My cat's bell. 

♥♥ On the breakfast plate ♥♥
Tomorrow I plan to have avocado toast with an egg. 
♥♥ On the lunch plate ♥♥
  Blackened chicken Buddha Bowl
♥♥ On the dinner plate ♥♥
 Cheese Tortellini

♥♥ What I'm wearing ♥♥
A plum t-shirt and gray leggings 
♥♥ On my reading pile ♥♥

I have had very little time to read.  I am keeping up with the War and Peace read-a-long and still love it very much!  I'm also reading Atomic Habits for the 75 Self Love challenge. 

♥♥ On my TV ♥♥
*The Girl with All the Gifts
*Days of Our Lives
*True Crime and Junk Journal YouTube 

♥♥ On the menu for this week♥♥
Monday - Cheese tortellini with red sauce and garlic knots, salad
Tuesday - Rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, coleslaw
Wednesday - Lemon Pepper cod with wild rice and green beans, salad
Thursday -   Creamy Cajun shrimp pasta with roasted cauliflower

Friday - Roasted chicken with stuffing, gravy, potatoes, carrots and corn
Saturday - CORN (clean out refrigerator night) soup 
Sunday - Dad's house   
♥♥ Looking around the house ♥♥
Looks pretty good.  I have been rearranging some things.  Trying to get my crafting corner finished.  Next couple of days are busy, so probably not for a bit. 
♥♥ To Do List ♥♥
Morning Routine: 75 Self-love challenge, devotion, prayer journal and Bible study (sometimes I'll do an illustrated page) - EVERY DAY

830-430 - M-F

Life Mentoring/Business Mentoring School:  TBA 

Monday - Drive Jake to job interview at 750, drive Jennah to school at 5 - pick up at 9. Bible study at noon.  Post Bible study and HHM. 
Tuesday - Bible Study 9 a.m. (I can watch and take notes while working - BIG perk!) Dad's after work for dinner and Uno night. 
Wednesday - Christian vision board party live at 6 p.m. 
Thursday -   
Friday - Bible study at noon
Saturday - 
Sunday - Church, Post Self-Care Sunday, Dad's house

♥♥ What I'm creating/studying/Pinning ♥♥
Finishing up the first month of the year-long Women of the Word Bible Study.  I'll be starting on Rahab next month.  

♥♥ You Tube/Blog Post to share ♥♥

♥♥Praying for♥♥
Jake for his job interview tomorrow and for depression
All the anger, violence and misunderstanding in the world

♥♥  Devotional, Bible Verse ♥♥
“On the seventh day God rested from all his works.”[c] And again in the passage above he says, “They shall never enter my rest.” Hebrews 4:4-5

Women of the Word Bible Study: January, Sarah #6 - Resources for Further Study and Printables!

Here are some resources that would be nice to go into your War Binder, for Bible journaling or even into your study notebook.  I love adding little things to go along with my study! Even the cute cartoon ones can be a fun addition! 

Sarah and Abram Coloring Page #1

                                                   Sarah and Abraham Coloring Page #2

Sarah and Abram Coloring Page #3

Now some you could use for journaling or to teach a little one about the miracle of Sarah and Abraham! 

I plan to print out the little CARTOON SARAH, laminate her and make her part of a bookmark or tag to go along with the study! This is really adorable - and free thanks to Simple Living Creative Learning!


Print Hagar

Print Sarah

Very cute printables found HERE at Christian Comics

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Women of the Word: January, Sarah #5


Here we are, in the last week of January already! I can't believe we are at the end of Sarah's story - yet in a way - it is only the beginning!  

In the last post, Sarah had laughed at God when He said she would have a child by the next year.  But here she was, PREGNANT shortly after that!  

Alright ladies, I don't know about you, but I am 52 and the thought of this old body trying to grow an entirely new person inside of my belly - the thought is, well honestly, I can't even imagine it!  As I am sure that Sarah couldn't either.  This woman who had worked her fingers to the bone for 90 years.  Her joints and muscles after all those miles walked while traveling. The hard work of everyday life. Yet here she was, harboring a new life. It's the epitome of miraculous! 

There is not much about the pregnancy written in the Bible.  But it does say that it was "at the very time God had promised".  I'm pretty sure that it is safe to assume that God walked with her through the pregnancy and deliver to assure that mother and son were healthy. 

God had previously mentioned that they were to name their son, Isaac.  And do you want to hear something pretty funny?  Do you know what Isaac means? Isaac comes from the Hebrew root meaning "to laugh" - which BOTH of his parents did!  But who got the LAST LAUGH?  Most certainly, it was God.  And I just love that He has a sense of humor! 

Sarah's body produced milk and she nursed this child.  This elderly couple ran after a toddler!  They taught him all they knew.  They raised him to be a good man. Sarah lived to see her only son turn 37.  Not much is said about how they were as parents, but at her death, both husband and son grieved her. Abraham went to great lengths to find the perfect place to bury his beloved. 

"So Ephron’s field in Machpelah near Mamre—both the field and the cave in it, and all the trees within the borders of the field—was deeded 18 to Abraham as his property in the presence of all the Hittites who had come to the gate of the city. 19 Afterward Abraham buried his wife Sarah in the cave in the field of Machpelah near Mamre (which is at Hebron) in the land of Canaan. 20 So the field and the cave in it were deeded to Abraham by the Hittites as a burial site." Genesis 23: 17-20

There is so much more about Sarah's story that I wanted to delve into. I'll come back through and flesh out the study throughout the year.  

Sarah was so much more than just a woman of faith.  A woman of strength and patience.  More than just a woman who became pregnant as an elderly woman.  Sarah is the Mother of the Jewish Nation! 

Sarah is mentioned again in the New Testament.  

By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised

1 Peter 3:6
just as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, and you have become her children if you do what is right without being frightened by any fear.

Isaiah 51:2
“Look to Abraham your father
And to Sarah who gave birth to you in pain;
When he was but one I called him,
Then I blessed him and multiplied him.”

Watch tomorrow for a post full of printables and resources for further study. I also plan to do a re-cap with some verse mapping. 

Be blessed!