Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday: Happy New Year


I'm linking up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday! 

It's been quite awhile since I've posted.  2021 was completely insane.  I thought 2020 was bad - but it hasn't touched this year!  As many of you know, my entire family contracted COVID on Easter because my Dad didn't mention he wasn't feeling well.  Then he and I both were diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia caused by COVID.  I went to the ER with chest pains.  We've both had tons of testing.  We are both on medication. Mine is working, his is not.  Then I had to go back to the ER with appendicitis.  I had emergency surgery but couldn't have it out because I had a huge infection, a peritoneal abscess.  So I was in the hospital a few days after that surgery.  Then my dad got pneumonia.  He was so sick.  I thank God he made it through both COVID and pneumonia at 78 years old!  Then I had to go back to the hospital to have my appendix out.  THREE separate short term disabilities at my job.  That brings us to December. My Dad still couldn't breathe well.  I was recovering from surgery.  (again)  Dad had more tests and more specialist visits.  Cardiologist and pulmonologist couldn't agree which system was failing.  Finally got some results yesterday - it looks like there are calcifications on his thoracic aorta.  There are studies showing that patients hospitalized for COVID have a 55% higher chance of this happening.  (Dad's heart and lungs were great prior to COVID) He also has lung scarring and "ground glass" particulates (also COVID-related)  OH!  Did I mention that studies also show an increase in burst appendix with people that have COVID?  I know, I know - to some it sounds like conspiracy theory.  Had we not lived it, I might too.  I just know life hasn't been the same for either of us since we went through it.  So it's the New Year and we are both pretty depressed.  My sister has started drinking again (the one with cirrhosis) so there's that too.  NOT trying to get anyone to feel sorry for me!  I know it's been a hard year for almost everyone.  I just want it to be documented so some day I can look back and see what we survived! 

The weather::: 

It was a very mild December.  So far January has been colder with a little bit of snow - but nothing to write home about.  Today is mid-20's and sunny. 
On my reading pile::: 

On my TV:::  

 *2016 PBS War and Peace LOVED THIS!  SO SO MUCH! Free on YouTube
*Cobra Kai - Starting season 2 on Netflix
*Days of Our Lives on NBC (Peacock)
*Finished "The Great" on Hulu with my best friend - it was pretty good but WAY too vulgar for my taste
*Starting tonight:  The Silent Sea on Netflix- A Korean Drama on Netflix with my FAVORITE: Gong Woo! 

On the menu for this week::: 

Monday -   Chicken tenders and french fries LOL Some days you just have to! 
Tuesday -   Burrito bowls (black beans, corn, salsa, rice, cheese, tortilla chips) 
Wednesday -  Grocery shopping day - Rotisserie Chicken, salad, green beans, rice
Thursday -   Baked Feta Pasta   (This is SO delicious!  I make it a bit healthier - not as much feta or olive oil and I add spinach or kale for some extra greens.  But the combination of the fresh tomatoes and feta with fresh herbs is amazing!) 

Friday Shrimp and vegetable stir fry over rice
Saturday -  At Dad's for dinner 
Sunday - Great Northern Beans, fried potatoes & corn bread (my family is from the South!) 
On my to do list::: 

In late November I started reselling on Poshmark.  I needed some extra income and I had always wanted to try it!  So I dug through my closet, my daughters' closets and listed some stuff online.  I was hooked!  Since then I have been sourcing mostly clothing and shoes, but also a few other things.  I still have my 9-5 job with John Hancock, but this is my side hustle LOL!  It's been about 6 weeks and I've sold close to $500 on there so far!  It's actually quite fun.  So my TO DO list is: 

*Box up:  Dooney & Bourke purse, SHEFIT Sports Bra, Ralph Lauren Sweater and Birkenstocks 
*Drop off at Post Office 
*Watch "The Silent Sea" with Heather (we both turn on our Alexa's and watch together) 
*Work on my Reseller Planner and update my regular planner 
*Spend time in the Word 
*Watch a couple episodes of Cobra Kai 
*Start reading "
What I am reselling::: 

 My newest acquisition was a box of shoes from Thred-Up.  I made 90% of my money back selling the first of 10 pairs.  I also bought a few pieces of work-out wear - Nike sports bra and leggings, Athleta leggings and tops. They say January you sell a lot of that type of stuff so I wanted to be prepared! 

Looking around the house::: 

Still haven't taken down the Christmas decorations!  I can always say I'm waiting til Epiphany, right?  Other than that, things are pretty good.  A little clutter from the reselling but the house is presentable.  
From the camera::: 

Sunrise this morning 

Sammy, who is my work companion! 

Ollie Bear - our lazy baby
Something fun to share::: 

 Not exactly "fun" but since I've been typing up this post I had two more sales on Poshmark!  I sold a beautiful silk scarf from India and an Athleta dress.  

On my prayer list::: 

 *My Dad - prayers that his heart and lung issues will be repaired and he will get his strength and health back
*All those around the world with COVID 
*My workmates in Cebu still recovering from the typhoon 
Bible verse, Devotional::: 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday - Last Monday of August!


I'm linking up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday! 

I have been abundantly blessed and have spent the past 10 days visiting my best friend in New Hampshire.  I spent time with my GRAND-Goddaughter and was able to attend my Goddaughter's wedding to the love of her life.  It helped my depression to get away, keep busy, talk and laugh with my friends, go new places, meet new people, and drive through several states.  I was able to see the Adirondack mountains, marshland, beaches and of course the ocean.  I always feel God most strongly in nature and this trip I could see Him in many places. 

Some family trouble awaits me at home, but I am more ready to deal with it.  My sister is an alcoholic.  Some of you may remember she almost died 3 years ago.  She got on the liver transplant list and turned her life around.  She gained her health back through diet and became so healthy that she no longer needed a new liver.  We she started drinking again quite some time ago and it's worse than ever.  She's passed out and fell on her face twice now - one of those times being today.  It's a mess.  That's all I'm going to say.  

The weather::: 

Monday will be close to 90 and sunny, but then we will stick in the upper 70s with sun most of the week.  Sounds pretty perfect after the HOT HUMID or rainy weather in New England while I was there! 
On my reading pile::: 

 Still haven't been doing much reading at all.  I keep BUYING books - but not reading them.  I hope once the cooler weather hits I will get back into the swing of things. 
On my TV:::  

 New K-Drama with Heather: Back Street Rookie
Days of Our Lives
You Tubers 

During my stay with Heather, we watched "Last Train to Busan" and the 2nd one but can't remember the name.  Great Korean Zombie flicks! 
On the menu for this week::: 

Monday -   Out for Chinese food - Pepper steak and rice
Tuesday -   Something quick and easy since we will be going grocery shopping after I'm out of work.
Wednesday -  Bulgur with veggies and Soyaki tofu
Thursday -   Whole wheat pasta with veggies and tomato sauce with green salad
Friday -  Buddha Bowl 
Saturday - Mujadara with green salad and homemade dressing 
Sunday - Spaghetti with lentil Bolognese 

 Breakfasts:  Overnight oats.  This week will be dark cherry cookie dough flavor. 
Lunches: Chickpea salad on toasted whole wheat with fruit 
On my to do list::: 

 Monday:  Stopping in Niagara Falls with Emily for a bit & then finish up our drive home 
Tuesday:  Work 8-4 and then grocery shop and run errands, paying rent
Wednesday: Work 8-4, picking up my prescriptions and the rest of groceries then K-drama with Heather using our Alexa Dots, video call with my sweetie
Thursday:  Same as Wednesday
Friday:  Work 8-4 Getting my 2nd COVID shot 
Saturday:  If I do not get a reaction again (I had a bad reaction with first shot, only lasted 6 hours though) then I will visit with my Dad and bring him tuna pasta salad 
Sunday:  Meal prep day! 
Looking around the house::: 

In a hotel room right now!  But I am sure I will have plenty to do since Jennah has been home alone for the past 10 days! 
From the camera::: 
Day of the hurricane - Surfers were everywhere! 

Atlantic Ocean

Niagara Falls - American Side

Niagara Falls 

Sunflower in Niagara

Emily at a rest stop in New York

On my prayer list::: 

 Louisiana as they get pummeled by a hurricane right now.  I know that the entire city of New Orleans is without power.  We won't know the extent of damage caused until tomorrow. 
Afghanistan -  all the families of the fallen.  The Christians who will be executed for their faith.  The innocent women and children.  
My family and friends

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday - Late As Usual


I'm linking up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday! 

I've been really depressed for the past couple of months.  I'm trying to work through it and I am doing what I think is right, but I can't seem to shake it.  There is so much GOOD in my life right now.  So many blessings.  I see them and I am grateful for them.  I am not taking anything for granted.  But I still feel empty and sad in my heart and soul. 

My youngest and I (Emily, 21) are currently vacationing in New Hampshire.  We are staying with my best friend for 9 days.  My Goddaughter is getting married on the 28th.  I'm so happy for her.  I am very excited to see everyone and be able to spend time with my bestie.  I'm hopeful that it will bring me to a brighter place. 

The weather::: 

The weather is typical Michigan August.  Mid 80's - 90's, humid, and afternoon thunderstorms.  We had a huge storm last week that blew out electricity in 900,000 homes.  I was fortunate enough to have electricity, but my Internet was down for 2 days and I had to miss work.  
On the Breakfast Plate::: 

Oatmeal with blueberries and a tablespoon of almond butter.  YUM! 

On my reading pile::: 

 I absolutely HATE to say that I haven't been reading much of anything this summer.  I hope to change that once the weather changes.  I've just been depressed and tired and just getting done what I have to do each day. 
On my TV:::  

 Just finished Monthly Home Magazine (K-Drama) 
Starting Backstreet Rookie tonight (K-Drama) 
Days of Our Lives
On the menu for this week::: 
Monday -   Went out with my boss and bestie. Had linguine with shrimp and scallops.  YUM! 
Tuesday -   Pizza and Soju 
Wednesday -  BBQ cauliflower "wings" with rice and veggies 
Thursday -   Probably out
Friday -  Also probably out 
I am thankful for:: 

Absolutely so many things.  
*Have a relationship with Jesus in a country where I am free to do so
*My wonderful sweet heart Jeff, finding the love of my life right when I stopped looking
*My family and friends are so supportive and wonderful
*All of my family recovered from COVID
*I was able to spend last weekend with Jeff
*I am  spending 9 days with my best friend in New Hampshire
*I have a job that keeps the bills paid and refrigerator full
*I have 3 awesome cats who keep me happy when nothing else can 

On my to do list::: 

WEDNESDAY:  Work 8-4.  Emily has a hair appt at 3. Run errands. 
THURSDAY:  Nail appointment for wedding nails. Errands. 
FRIDAY:  Wedding stuff!  
SUNDAY/MONDAY:  Driving back to Detroit.
What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating::: 

Absolutely nothing.  HOWEVER - I do plan on learning to crochet in 2022!  Once I kick this depression I want to get another junk journal completely made.  I have everything I need to put it together.  Just not the will or patience I guess!  I'd really like to do them regularly once I'm settled and don't feel in flux.  
Looking around the house::: 

At my bestie's house.  She has a huge front window and she has squirrels. chipmunks, bunnies and so many different birds that visit.  It is SO NICE!  All types of finches, 2 types of woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice, bluejays, and a couple other that I haven't identified. 
Something fun to share::: 

 Well I don't know if it is "fun" - but it was definitely fun to see.  NH didn't get touched by Hurricane Henri much, but the waves and wind were up for a couple of days.  It was surprising and fun to see how many surfers were out!  I was really shocked to see dozens and dozens of them out in the wind and rain - catching waves. 

On my prayer list::: 

Praying for Afghanistan.  I can't even imagine the terror they are feeling right now.  
Praying for Haiti.  Just total devastation. So heart breaking. 
For my Goddaughter's upcoming marriage on the 28th
For a safe road trip back home for Emily and myself 
For our country, my family and friends.  For this worldwide pandemic to finally get under control. 
Bible verse, Devotional::: 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday for 7/5/2021 (only 2 days late)


I'm linking up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker

It's been the strangest couple of weeks. I spent about 10 days Up North taking care of my sweetheart after his second hip surgery. Then came home to find out my dad had to have a heart procedure due to the atrial fibrillation that we both contracted after COVID. Then my sister ... Well let's just say that she really made a mess of things. Had to take her to urgent care after a fall.  Then last week I ended up in the hospital with chest pains.  But GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.  

The weather::: 

It's been HOT and HUMID.  But a cool front is coming through.  I'm enjoying the sunshine - the humidity, not so much. 
On my reading pile::: 

 I finished the cutest homemaking book.  I really enjoyed it and would love to buy a hard copy for my library.  

I also have been going through a bunch of vegan and heart-healthy cookbooks.  I'm trying to be MOSTLY plant based.  Still chicken breast, lean turkey and fish for the time being a few times per week.  Have to take extra care of the ticker thanks go COVID.  

Right now I am reading Mary Kubica's "The Good Girl" 

On my TV:::  

  I am just finishing up the K-Drama "Mouse" with my bestie in NH.  It is very much an edge-of-your-seat thriller.  Really good if you like that kinda thing! 

Days of Our Lives
YouTube - Mostly vegan vloggers as I TRY to switch over to more plant-based eating
The Chosen - I still have several episodes of season 2 to finish up!  Amazing! 

On the menu for this week::: 


Monday -   BBQ chicken "KFC" bowl 
Tuesday -   Lentil chili w/ crackers
Wednesday -  Veggie chicken sandwich, corn on the cob and sweet potato fries
Thursday -   Burrito bowl with ground turkey 
Friday -  Whole wheat penne with fresh tomato and basil sauce w/ side of veggies
Saturday -  C.O.R.N soup (clean out refrigerator night)  Homemade veggie broth and lots of veggies that are getting sad looking, any beans, pasta, etc. from leftovers.  Always makes a good soup! 
Sunday - Peanut noodles w/ lots of veggies 

BREAKFASTS:  Mostly overnight oats this week 
LUNCHES:  Leftovers or chickpea salad sandwiches
On my to do list::: 

  1.  I have a grocery pick-up after work today
  2. Put away groceries from my Whole Foods delivery via Amazon Prime 
  3. Watch the finale of "Mouse" with my bestie 
  4. Do my Bible/Prayer studies this evening 
  5. Strengthening exercises for my arms and legs (again - darn COVID) 
  6. Pay bills
What I am creating::: 

 I have a very dear friend in Florida who sent me the SWEETEST package of goodies!  Inside was a bunch of lovely paper crafting supplies!  I plan to start a new junk journal soon.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you next week! 
Looking around the house::: 

  I feel like there are always dishes.  I despise dishes! I haven't had a dishwasher in years and years and dishes remain my nemesis! Floors need to be swept and mopped 

From the camera::: 

Two of my kitties.  Sammy (left) & Mr. Beatnik.

My gorgeous orchid Emily bought me for Mother's Day 2 years ago

 My peacock planter on my balcony

On my prayer list::: 

*My Dad.  He was supposed to have a catheterization yesterday but they found that he has no blockages!  Praise Jesus!  But in 2 weeks he will need a cardioversion - which is shocking his heart back into rhythm. 
*My sweetheart as he recovers from his hip replacement. 
*Dorcus, my sponsored child and her family and village. 
*Family and friends
Bible verse, Devotional::: 

I'm still reading in 2nd Kings.  I got a little bit behind with all that is going on.  

I'll be starting a new Bible Study tonight that I found for free on Kindle Unlimited, it's "Proverbs 31 Woman".  More on that next week! 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday for June 14th, 2021


I am joining in with Sandra @ Diary of a SAHM

The weather::: 

I simply cannot complain.  The weather this last month has been beautiful.  Anywhere from mid-70's to low 90's.  Lots of sunshine.  I am blessed to have an amazing balcony that overlooks a park.  I sit out there nearly every day for 20-minutes to several hours.  It's my little piece of nature in the city.  
On my reading pile::: 

 I finished reading "The Blue Bistro" by Elin Hilderbrand - you can read my short review on Goodreads.

I'm currently reading "Gulf Coast Cottage" by Maggie Miller.  I'm feeling all the beach reads right now.  I'm almost done with this one.  It has really drawn me in and I'm glad there is an entire series! 

On my TV:::  

  •  Watching the K-Drama "Mouse" with my best friend in New Hampshire.  It's really an edge-of-your-seat thriller about serial killers.  It has a ton of twists and turns and is really amazing. 
  • Days of Our Lives
  • YouTube

On the menu for this week::: 

 From last week, Lemon Chicken and rice.  It was really yummy. 

Monday -   Armando's Detroit (best Mexican food!)
Tuesday -   Vegan stuffed shells 
Wednesday -  Roma's Italian Food for Jennah's birthday
Thursday -   Applebee's 
Friday -  Cooking out over bonfire - hotdogs and smores? 
On my to do list::: 

  • Water flowers
  • Dishes
  • Packing
  • WORK M-W
  • Pick up Jennah's bday cake
  • Wrap gifts
  •  Buy Father's Day card/bday card/card for Jeff's mom

Looking around the house::: 


From the camera::: 


Something fun to share::: 

Growing some veggies from scraps!  We've already trimmed the green onions once.  The romaine is so fun to watch! 

Also, my "harvest" of herbs from the balcony!  Lemon thyme, basil, cilantro, and oregano. 

On my prayer list::: 

  • My Sweetheart is having his 2nd hip surgery a week from today.  I'll be with him (he lives about 3 hours North of me currently - we went to high school together) for 11 days.  Last surgery he had a really tough time coming out of anesthesia.  It took 16 hours.  It was very scary.  I'll be praying that he comes out normally and naturally this time and won't need to be put on Bi-Pap. 
  • My Dad is still recovering from COVID.  (You can read all about our journey with COVID HERE
Bible verse, Devotional::: 

  • Jeff and I are still working out way through "The Battle Plan for Prayer" 
  • 100 Days to Brave
  • Reading the Book of Luke
  • Reading the Book of Kings 

Happy Homemaker Monday: Happy New Year

  I'm linking up with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday!  It's been quite awhile since I've posted.  2021 was completely insane....