Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday - Late as Always!


I am linking up with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday! 

♥♥ The Weather ♥♥  

 We are finally looking like spring.  Lower 50's to upper 60's for highs.  Still cold in the mornings though! Today actually we are going to be having some severe thunderstorms in the evening! 

♥♥ As I look outside my window ♥♥
It is sunny.  I can see a squirrel in the park across the street, some sparrows hopping along the sidewalk.  My birdfeeder wanting for birdfeed! 

♥♥ Thinking and pondering ♥♥ 
Worried about my Dad - his cardioversion is tomorrow.  I have taken off work so I can go to the hospital with him.  It is also my sister's birthday.  My BABY sister is 40.  *sigh* 

**Update:  Dad's cardioversion was successful!  His heart is now in rhythm!  He said "I'm over the moon"  

 ♥♥ Homemaking tips ♥♥ 

♥♥ How I am feeling ♥♥ 

♥♥ On my reading pile ♥

*I am about halfway through Les Miserables.  It is a massive book!  Almost 1200 pages.  So far it is amazing.  I am going to do a full review of it once completed.  

*I have started The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley - I needed more of an easy read while my dad was having his procedure yesterday!  This gripped me from the first page!  I borrowed this e-book from the Detroit Public Library

♥♥ On my TV ♥♥
 1. Days of Our Lives
 2.  CNN and FOX News - War in Ukraine
 3.  Just finished Tiger King with Jeff 

♥♥ On the menu ♥♥
Monday -   This was my sister's birthday - we had dinner from a local Mexican Restaurant
Tuesday -   My Dad's heart procedure.  Jeff had dinner when I got home. Penne with meat sauce. 
Wednesday -  Jennah has school tonight!  Greek salad with grilled chicken and pita
Thursday -   Roast chicken, corn, cheddar broccoli rice, salad 
Friday -  Smoked sausage, potatoes, and cabbage 
Saturday - Chili with crackers 
Sunday - Homemade bread and vegetable soup 
♥♥ To do list ♥♥
MONDAY - Work 8-4 and go to my Dad's to celebrate my sister's 40th
TUESDAY - Dad's heart procedure is at 1130.  Got home at 630, watched Korean Drama with my bestie, then an episode of Tiger King with my sweetie.  
WEDNESDAY - Work 8-5, quick dinner, take Jennah to her class.  Quick pick up at Kroger for a few things.  Visit my Dad until Jennah is out of school.  
THURSDAY - Work,  Korean drama, Reading, Bible study
FRIDAY - Work, Korean drama, Reading Bible study
SATURDAY - Take Jennah to her class, run errands, pick her up.  Reading, Bible study
SUNDAY - Reading, Bible study, clean windows and polish wood 
♥♥ Looking around the house ♥♥
I need to straighten and rearrange my bookcases.  Also need to dust and straighten up.  But overall not too bad. 

♥♥  What sold on Poshmark this week  ♥♥
I have been working so much  OT at John Hancock I haven't had time to work at getting sales on PM!  I only sold one very pretty Cabi dress! 
♥♥  Prayer List ♥♥
*Praying for a solution for Ukraine.  Continued strength for her people.  So horrible. 
*Praying for the people involved in the recent tornadoes 
*Continued prayers for my Dad that his heart will maintain to keep a regular rhythm

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Happy Homemaker Monday - Two Weeks in One!


I am linking up with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday! 

The weather:::   

 Last week: As is normal for this time of year, it is up and down between the upper 40s and lower 30s.  We have had some sunny days though, and they have been nice. 

This week: This morning (Sunday) is supposed to be our last cold day. And it is snowing!  But we are going up to 40 so it will melt.  Up to near 70 on St. Patrick's Day! 

On my reading pile:::   

LAST WEEK:  I finished "Evelina" by Frances Burney and "In the Clearing" by Robert Dugoni.  I also finished "Persuasion" for an Instagram read-a-long. 

Starting tomorrow I will be delving into:  Les Miserables!  I haven't read this before.  I am reading with a bunch of Instagrammers from several different countries.  I'm very excited for it! 

THIS WEEK:  I am starting now about 300 pages in to Les Mis and I am LOVING it!  I also started "Lark Rise to Candleford" as well.  I loved watching the series and looking forward to getting further in this book. 

My next audio book is on hold for the moment. 

I almost forgot!  I read the cutest book on homekeeping!  A Year of Puttery Treats by Alison May. 
It's an ebook, available on Kindle Unlimited. 

On my TV:::   

* The Vivian Leigh version of Anna Karenina - I loved it! I can't wait to read it though. 
* "Blended" with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler - such a cute movie
* "Beloved" with Oprah Winfrey - wow that was a ride!  It's dark and twisty, emotional and suspenseful.  Creative and the acting is so good! I wanted to listen to the audiobook but it was too deep to listen to while working. 
* 48 Hours 
*The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio - HARSH!  The bear scene is WOW!!!!!!! 
*Red Dawn - both the original and the remake.  Both were good and unfortunately, timely

* Days of Our Lives
* A couple YouTubers
*Bulgasal  the current Korean series I'm watching with my bestie (it's very good) 
*Way too much CNN and Fox News 

On the menu for this week::: 


Sunday - Orange chicken, fried rice, potstickers and Asian salad 
Monday -   Cheese tortellini with broccoli and salad
Tuesday -   Beef and bean burritos with Spanish rice 
Wednesday -  Dinner @ Dad's - Game Night
Thursday -   Corned beef & Cabbage @ Dad's
Friday -  Unstuffed cabbage with green beans
Saturday - Pork roast, cheddar broccoli rice, cauliflower
On my to do list:::   
Water flowers
Fold clothes
Empty garbage
Clean up office 
Get package together for Poshmark
What I am planning/journaling/writing:::  
I'm studying Mary Magdalene this month. 
Looking around the house:::  
Cluttered!  Need to do some reorganizing and spring cleaning! 
From the camera::: 

I got 8 inches cut off my hair and brought it back to my natural color.  I messed around with my hair a LOT over the last year!  It was blonde, then red, then blondish red, then red, then black (accident!).  

What I sold on Poshmark (last 2) weeks::: 

1. A pair of Alfani gold wedge sandals
2. A gorgeous Coldwater Creek wool skirt 
3. A pair of American Eagle jeans
4. A Cabi maxi dress 

I haven't been doing much with Poshmark as I have been working a ton of OT at my main job. 

On my prayer list::: 

 As with just about everyone I am sure - praying for Ukraine and her people.  
Praying for my Dad's upcoming cardioversion 
Our world, which feels very scary right now

Bible verse, Devotional::: 

Studying with  This months' Bible study is about makeovers.  You can check her out on YouTube as well (see below)