Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday for May 18 2015

The weather outside is::::
Today is beautiful.  80s and sunshine!  

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
For breakfast today - nothing.  And I'm hungry now! 

As I look outside my window:::
Outside on my front porch are my purple flowers, Adirondack chair and my new windchimes! 

Right now I am::::
Taking a break from cleaning.  Still a lot left to go :( 

As I look around the house::::
Still some dishes in the sink, floors need vacuuming. More clutter to put away.  But I also see books!  Photos of my family on the wall.  Welcoming pictures and scripture.  
On today's to do list::::
TO DO: Cleaning!  Homeschool.  Cooking. Feeding the birds.  Watering the flowers. 

Currently reading::::
I am reading  Homeschooling:  The Teen Years & Their Eyes Were Watching God 

On the TV today::::
I'm binge-watching The 100.  LOVE it! 
This week:  The Following, When Comes the Heart, Dance Moms 

On the menu this week::::
Monday: Pork chops and rice with broccoli 
Tuesday: Smoked sausage dogs with veggie pasta salad
Wednesday:  Mom's house
Thursday: Lawnmower tacos
Friday:  Chicken and broccoli over rice 
Saturday:  Mom's house
Sunday:  Kid's night:  Oven baked chicken and fries, salad 

In our homeschool: We homeschool year round, so we're still going strong.  Biology, geography, grammar, math, ASL, American history, music appreciation, home ec, PE, art and literature.  We're starting a mini Edgar Allan Poe unit study today.  You can see it on my homeschool blog. 

Have a blessed week! 



  1. Oh, I absolutely loved The 100! I binge watched it as well. Reminds me that I need to check and make sure it was renewed for a new season. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Oh I hope it is coming back! I love that show! You have a wonderful week too!

  2. I need a good recipe for pasta salad! Please and thank you! I love your blog, too. So cozy :)

    1. As far as pasta salad goes - ours is pretty simple. We prefer actual spaghetti and add in lots of veggies - broccoli, cauliflower, radish, green onion, carrots. We like black olives and small bits of banana peppers in there too! The best dressing we like is the Viva Italian. And the key to good pasta salad is McCormick's Salad Supreme seasoning. Hope this helps!

  3. Your blog is so pretty!
    Now I'm curious what Lawnmower Tacos are... I'll have to check it out on Pinterest. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks! I love all things pink! lol Did you find the lawnmower tacos? If not, here's a link:


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