Sunday, May 3, 2015

Menu Plan Monday for May 3rd, 2015

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday.  If I don't menu plan, I end up getting too much takeout food and/or eating seasoned noodles for dinner every night  

BREAKFASTS:  This week I'm putting an egg and turkey sausage on an English muffin, adding a piece of fruit.  Done. There may be some blueberry pancakes on Mother's Day! 

LUNCHES:  For work lunches I'm going to adapt THESE into a Mexican casserole.  Yogurt and maybe another piece of fruit. 


TUESDAY:  One of my favorites - Freezer bag cilantro lime chicken with rice from One Hundred Dollars A Month 

WEDNESDAY:  Dinner with my family 

SATURDAY: Frozen pizza from Aldi.  Only 1.99 each.  We add extra toppings and serve with a green salad. 

SUNDAY:  Mother's Day!  Spending it with my family :)  We'll probably get Chinese or Mexican food.  Whatever my mom wants! 


  1. Sounds like a plan! If I don't plan I end up buying too much at the grocery store which is not a good thing. Got to budget that money. :)


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