Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly reflections and planning - Monday July 25th

MONDAY JULY 25th, 2016 

Today I am linking with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday 

In the kitchen...On the menu this week::::

Sunday: Oven fried chicken, corn on the cob, pasta salad 

Monday:  Szechuan chicken and veggie stir fry with spring rolls 

Tuesday:  Turkey burgers and oven vegetables with green salad 

Wednesday:  Dinner with family 

Thursday:  Shrimp Alfredo with broccoli, salad 

Friday:  YOYO 

Saturday:  Dinner with family 

Sunday: Garlic bbq ribs, green beans, stuffing

Work lunches:  Brown rice, garlic lime chicken w/ summer salsa 

The weather outside is:::: HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HUMID!!!!

On the breakfast plate this morning:::: Nothing. 

As I look outside my window::: Storms are brewing!  Overcast. 

Right now I am:::: GEtting ready to go to Aldi. 

As I look around the house:::: Ummmm - lots of cleaning to do today! 

TO DO::::
SUNDAY COOK AHEAD:  Chicken chunks, turkey burgers, garlic lime chicken, oven veggies and salsa. 
Grocery shop
Sweep/mop kitchen
Jake putting Jennah's new bed and Em's new chair together
Lesson planning 

Currently reading:::: Still reading Gone with the Wind for book club.  Finishing up "Millie" by Shanna Hatfield.  About to start "Where Hope Prevails", an ARC for Bethany.  SO EXCITED!!!  

On the TV today:::: 
Falling Skies
Ghosts of Sheperdstown
Ghost Adventures
The Dead Files 

I am thinking..That I wish I had 3-day weekends every week

I am thankful... for air conditioning!!!!!!!!! 

One of my favorite things... going to the beach on a hot day

I am wearing...  jean capris, black t-shirt w/ design 

In the schoolroom... Almost time to start 11th grade!  Trying to get the entire 1st marking period lesson planned. 

In the garden... Most everything is hanging in there with this heat!  I resurrected my basil that committed suicide (twice) by jumping out of the pot onto the ground! 

Favorite blog posts or pins from this week::: 

Favorite picture from the camera: from the beach, Saturday. 

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals::::

I don't even know where to start with prayers - the world I suppose!  This evil is spreading and can pop up anywhere at any time.  

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  1. Your food always looks so good. that pasta!!! YUM. I liked the Janette Okie TV series and I'm curious about books.