Sunday, December 30, 2018

Hello, Goodbye

At this point in the year, most people take stock of what has happened over the past 52 weeks and what they would like to see happen for the next 52.  Whether you call them "resolutions" or not, a lot can be said for planning ahead, setting goals, and ruminating over what you've accomplished (or not!) since you last set such ambitions.

I've decided to take a different approach, and list the things I said hello and goodbye to in 2018.  I was thinking about it on my drive in to work this morning.  My life has been pretty stagnant over the past five years, without any big personal changes.  I'd like to see that shift in 2019.  I guess it's time to take some chances.


  • In March I said goodbye to working side-by-side with one of my best friends.  I miss her every day!  It hasn't been the same around here since she's left. 
  • A very sad goodbye to a dear friend of mine just a few weeks ago.  She passed away after being in a coma for 10 days. 
  • On a positive note, I said goodbye to 42 pounds.  I didn't lose as much as I wanted to, but then again, I guess it's better than nothing! 
  • A temporary goodbye to the gym, while not canceling the membership!  Hahahaha.  
  • Said a permanent goodbye to Mr. On-Again-Off-Again. We remain good friends. 


  • In March I received a promotion, becoming the office manager as well as head biller at my job.  Not sure the stress of it has been a positive thing. 
  • In April my entire family said hello to my sister's diagnosis of end-stage liver disease.  We came very close to losing her the week of my birthday.  It has been a roller-coaster ride since then, with dozens of doctors, classes, labs, procedures, tests, etc. to get her on the transplant list.  Thank God she is doing remarkably well right now. 
  • I joined the Classics Club to encourage myself to read more of the classics this year!  It's been wonderful finding others that are passionate about Austen, Dickens, Salinger, the Brontes.  
  • On the same note, I started doing a little bit of book blogging (which I plan to continue because, well BOOKS) and did a read-a-thon.  
  • I met two new friends through the Victorian Letter Writer's Guild!  I love snail mail and it has just been so lovely corresponding with them both so far!  I hope to meet more interesting ladies next year as well. 
  • And the best hello of 2018 was most definitely a surprise.  I decided to accept a date, which led to another and another.  I now have the most wonderful boyfriend and I am grateful for him every day.  

Sometimes when we look back over a year (or even a decade!) we may not see the growth that we have desired.  You can either beat yourself up, which I have been known to do, or you can feel blessed with what has happened and strive to live more often in those moments of joy.  

Happy New Year! 

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