Monday, May 2, 2016

5 After 5: Great Books Read in 2016 Edition

I’ve done a few Bible studies so far this year, and by far, these books have been my favorite.

I had a dream, more than once, that I wound up at work (and in other places) in my pajamas.  The meaning I got from these dreams was that I was not FULLY DRESSED IN GOD.  Shortly after, I started this study, and learned how to cover myself with God’s protection every day.  I recommend this book for every Christian woman! 

Fervent has changed my prayer life forever.  These two books have brought me closer to the Lord in the past four months than I have ever been before.  Priscilla floods you with information (this is a book to read, re-read and then re-read again!) along with humor.  You can tell that she really is just like you. 

Again, this book is life changing.  I can’t say enough about the way this book (along with the movie) will change the way you feel about prayer.

This is the second book in the Seeing Jesus series.  (Definitely read Seeing Jesus first – SO good)  It’s a pretty simple premise – an elderly woman starts seeing and hearing Jesus like he is right there next to her at all times.  Makes you realize in a more physical sense that Jesus truly IS next to us at all times!  Gives you a different view of your relationship with Christ. 

Set during the Revolutionary War, a young woman from a privileged family finds the world that she has always known slowly disappearing.  She adapts much better than most, showing strength and ingenuity.  Over the years, she falls deeply in love with one of her uncle’s slaves, who loves her in return.  With insurmountable difficulties surrounding their relationship they forge through distance, time, prejudices and much more in order to attempt to be together.  

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