Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday August 22nd, 2016


Today I am linking with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday 

In the kitchen...On the menu this week::::

Monday:  Baked pasta with green salad

Tuesday:  Oven-baked chicken fajitas, cucumber salad 

Wednesday:  Dinner with family 

Thursday:  Emily's Request:  Chicken Pad Thai with an Asian chopped salad 

Friday: Chicken sausage with potatoes, peppers, onions

Saturday:  Dinner with family

Sunday: Emily's choice again:  Jambalaya, cucumber salad 

The weather outside is:::: Gorgeous!  The humidity and heat has finally broken and it is perfect :) 

On the breakfast plate this morning:::: Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon. 

As I look outside my window::: More gorgeousness!

Right now I am:::: At work!  Listening to an audio-book.  

As I look around the house:::: Well ... I know I need to mop the floors... 

Currently reading:::: Finishing up "To Kill A Mockingbird", Listening to "Underground Railroad" - Oprah's book pick this month.  

On the TV today:::: Gilmore Girls 

I am thinking.. about long eyelashes and freckles 

I am thankful... for all the blessings that the Lord has given me 

One of my favorite things... unexpected fields of flowers

I am wearing... Boss is on vacation - so jeans and a t-shirt

I am learning... to trust myself

In the schoolroom... Jake starts college next Monday.  Emily starts 11th grade.  I have the first week of lesson planning done - I want to see how the pace goes before planning more.  

In the garden... What garden?  First it was dry for weeks and weeks and then a few torrential downpours.  My rosemary is doing well, as are my bird-seed sunflowers and a few others....

A moment from my day... Worked out in the dungeon gym this morning while watching Joyce Meyer

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals:::: Started the Bible study "Living in Jesus" this morning.  

Have a very blessed week with your families!  


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