Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday - August 29th, 2016


Today I am linking with Sandra for Happy Homemaker Monday as well as Organizing Junkie for Meal Plan Monday 

On the weather front::: Mid-80s and sunny for the next couple of days.  Summer has been great - but I am read for fall weather! 

On my bedside table::: My Kindle, phone, a planner, some headphones and a pink Sharpie.  

On my TV::: Season 6 of Gilmore Girls.  Also looking forward to fall t.v.! 

Thinking and pondering:::: About a boy.  :) 

Listening to:::: Gilmore Girls, the air conditioner, and my neighbor mowing the lawn. 
Favorite Youtube Video last week::: 

On the menu for this week:::

Monday:  Beef and cabbage Yatsobi 

Tuesday:  Grilled turkey burgers and baked seasoned fries 

Wednesday:  Dinner with family 

Thursday:  Chicken curry with vegetables over rice 

Friday:  Crispy ranch chicken, roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts 

Saturday:  Dinner with parents again! 

Sunday: Tilapia with steamed vegetables and cheddar broccoli rice 

On my To Do List:::
*Mop kitchen floor
*Two loads of laundry
*Grill chicken for salads 
*Wash dishes
*Sweep living room floor 
Looking forward to::: Autumn. 
What I plan on doing for myself this week::: Painting my nails, going to the gym, reading. 

Favorite photo::: 

Lesson learned the past few days::: I think I'm still in the midst of learning it. 


  1. Looks like you have a great week planned with a yummy menu.
    The video was fun. It was nice to meet you at HHM. I am Sherry too! I'm following you now. I linked above you. I hope you can come over and visit!

  2. That little cat looks so cozy! Believe it or not I've never watched Gilmore Girls. I suppose I should, I took one of those random quizzes that are forever on Facebook and it told me I was one of the characters from the show. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. LOL The one thing I think we ALL agree on is that FALL can't come soon enough. I also just finished binge watching Gilmore Girls - love that show! Have a great week.

  4. love how many "I cant wait for fall" entry's I see for this HHM : ) I right there with ya. your cat looks so very cozy! and yay for Gilmore Girls! me and my daughter watched the dance contest episode...just to see stars hollow decorated for fall