The Monday Book Report


Happy New Year!  

2022 was NOT a good reading year for me.  I read a ton of Colleen Hoover and a couple of classics.  I didn't hit my Goodreads goal.  Didn't do a single read-a-thon or reading challenge.  

But this year I am prepared! I have a plan!  I am going to share that today here on the Monday Book Report! 



The one I am most excited about is a year-long read-a-long of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy! It is being hosted on Instagram by @footnotes.and.tangents with over 500 people speaking 12 languages!  


I am going to also do a couple books with the Game of Tomes challenge hosted by Carolynmariereads and Emmie.Reads on Instagram. 

You can view the entire challenge HERE 

I will be joining in the following months: 

March: David Copperfield
April: Catcher in the Rye

September: Northanger Abbey
October: Wuthering Heights 

The final bookstagram challenge is hosted by @bookswerestuff  

I will be joining in with the following for sure and perhaps others: 

January: Jane Eyre 
May: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall 


As mentioned in an earlier edition of the Monday Book Report, I'm joining in the: 

Read Around the World: Book Voyage Challenge   January will be books set in Antartica or the Arctic Circle!  

I am also joining in with the Diversity Reading Challenge 

JANUARY – diverse folktales/culture/mythology; or diverse retelling; or non-western setting

I am still deciding between two books, either Anna K by Jenny Lee 

or a middle school retelling of Little Women, More to the Story by Hena Khan 

Of Course, I will be knocking off a couple of books this year for the Classics Challenge!  I'd love to add another 2 or 3 in addition to what is listed above. 


I want to fit this one in too, but I am unsure if I will be able to!  I will try to do at least one month with this challenge because I am in love with it!  


Dewey's Readathon, April 29th-30th, 2023 


I have set my goal at 50 books this year - but I'm ok if I don't hit that.  My reading intention for 2023 is to read books that are outside of my regular genres and to add more classics!  

For my book ministry, I will be sharing a few of my favorite books in local Little Free Libraries.  I have a copy of War and Peace to share!  I need to restock.  Inside of the book I'll leave a bookmark, some stickers, and a note about why I loved/recommend the book.  


  1. wow, good luck on all your challenges! And happy New Year!
    This year, i'll stick to the Japanese Literature Challenge, and keep working on my 4th list of classics for the classic club. I have other personal challenges, like read more books in Spanish and Italian, and start reading picture books in Japanese soon. Otherwise, just work on my TBRs!

  2. That's a lot of challenges!
    In 2022 I reduced the number of books to read. I still made some over the top goals, but in the end, I think I enjoyed my books more.

  3. Good looking Challenges. I like the sound of Read Around the World. Happy New Year and Happy Reading in 2023!


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