Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My First Weigh in Wednesday!

This probably isn't the best week for me to start since I SKIPPED Weight Watchers last Saturday!  lol  So I will just do a quick overview of my journey so far. 

I joined WW in January and lost about 30 pounds by mid-April.  Then my sister was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease and was in the hospital and a nursing home rehabilitation for 5 weeks.  In those 5 weeks, I gained 9 pounds back. 

In June and July I fought really hard not to completely blow it - but I was not going to any meetings, tracking, or basically even trying.  I lost about 5 pounds over those 2 months.  

I finally got back on track in August! I lost over 11 pounds last month.  I'm at a total of 37.7 now.  I've been tracking regularly and received a "blue dot" (this means I was within my healthy range that WW gives me) 28 out of 31 days in August.  

What I need to work on?  Getting more water.  I definitely do not get enough H2O!  

So that is my update.  Next week I hope to share a loss!  Have a healthy week! 


  1. I'm so excited to see you linking up!!! That is amazing that you have lost so much, and there are seasons in our life that need more of our attention, and when you were with your sister I'm certain that is exactly where you needed to be. I'm excited to keep one another accountable! It's a journey for sure!!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to have found your blog :) I had a rough week (again - ha!) but taking accountability and moving on is the biggest step for me! Have a blessed week!

  2. Hi there!! I got the linky posted today, a day late due to evacuation! Hope you can link up this week :)