Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Weigh In Wednesday

I'm linking with Stacy @ Weigh-In Wednesday on A Homemakers Heart 

WHAT WENT WELL LAST WEEK:  Last week was good.  I meal prepped, ate extra fruit and veggies and had blue dots for 6/7 days. 

WHAT DID NOT GO SO WELL LAST WEEK: Still not exercising.  I'll get back to it SOME day!

BEST MEAL/RECIPE: I ate a lot of good meals last week - turkey tacos, chile lime tilapia, and shrimp Buddha bowls.  All super yummy and low in WW points.

RECIPE I WANT TO TRY: I'm going to try a couple new recipes this week - including an Italian rice skillet from the Skinnyish Dish and Skinny Taste's Shrimp zucchini pasta.

WEIGHT LOSS/GAIN:  Down 2.4 this week for a total loss (including 4 before WW) of 41.6!

Have a wonderful and healthy week!


  1. 2.4 wow!!! That's such a great week!!!! So happy for you I'm sure you're at least exercising in the form of doing a happy dance! :)

  2. Good morning, I know exactly what you mean about time with God as per your comment on my page.. one of the premises of that weight loss program is these...through scripture we come to realize that that urge to eat when really aren’t hungry is actually God’s voice calling us to him, but in our idolatry for food.. which it is an idol for me.. my comfort place. Etc.. we choose instead to substitute gorging on junk food or snack instead of turning our devotion to Him.. oh I fail him so much of the time.. we learn to manage what and when we eat instead of having to be controlled by food through other diet plans. It is our heart that learns to desire to dine on His Word and only eat just enough until we are satisfied when we actually feel God’s dinner bell ring in our tummy. I learned to eat half as much.. another thing. Rate the food on the plate only eat the most delectable bite of food, don’t eat that hard corner crust, but enjoy the choicest part of that sandwich.or that most perfect French fry not the black rotten long one..I eat out a lot and rating food really helps to not eat it all. Sometimes
    I bring the other half home for another day or it’s ok to leave it behind. On this diet you can eat anything you only limit amount. Plus you eat slowly savoring each bite. And never eat at the tv. Eat in a beautiful place dining room. Outside,, with good company. Look up from the plate. Hope this helps