Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Weigh In Wednesday 9/12/18

ON THE SCALE: Unfortunately, I was a rebel and it showed.  Up 1.9 pounds.  


WEIGHT WATCHERS THIS WEEK: We discussed the WW app in our meeting this week.  No new info for me, since I already use it daily!  

WHAT WENT WELL: Well, I didn't let a couple of bad days ruin the entire week.  So that's something!  LOL

WHAT DID NOT GO SO WELL: I gave in to a pizza craving.  I still eat pizza, but only when I work it into my plan.  I can't just order food every time I want to. I proved myself right by ordering it on a whim and eating way too much right before weigh-in day!  Boo! 

PLANS & GOALS:  This week (I start on Sundays)  I plan to have blue dots every day. (Be within my healthy points range).  Trying to drink more water.  Track every day on the app. 

BEST MEAL/RECIPE: The Skinnyish Dish's Cowboy Meal 

RECIPE I WANT TO TRY: Korean Bulgogi BBQ Steak Bowl - I'll be making substitutions to make this more WW point friendly! 

WEIGHT LOSS AROUND THE WEB: This week's link is to The Weigh We Were.  Lots of motivational before and afters found here! 


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  1. I completely posted a comment on the wrong weigh in :( lol I posted the linky, a day late due to hurricane evacuations! Hope you can link up this week!